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ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL EXTORCISTS: Two General Spots will be opened starting 28th August 2009, at 1445 at the timezone GMT+8, the first 2 Extorcist to gain 20k or more points are to PM me immediately to fill one of the spots, even if u gt 20k first, bt didnt PM me, those spot will nt be booked for u, the one to gain 20k points first and PM me first, will get the spots.

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 Oowasareta Kami No Migi Te 覆われた神の右手 Techniques

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PostSubject: Oowasareta Kami No Migi Te 覆われた神の右手 Techniques   Fri Aug 14, 2009 12:28 am

Innocence: Oowasareta Kami No Migi Te 覆われた神の右手

Passive Abilities

Name: Pulse Shockwave
Description: A shockwave of pulse energy, strong enough to smash through rocks, is emmited off every movement my Right Hand does, the shockwave follows the direction, size, impact, power, shape, depending on the movement done by the my Right Hand.

Name: Boosters
Description: The two boosters at my elbow is able to "shoot" me off at intensive speed (somethng like Jet dial from One Piece attached to my elbow, like one of the priest), allowing me to travel at Super Speed, each "shot" allow me to travel as much as across the main room of a mansion in a blink of an eye.

Name: Choice
Description: I can choose wad to attack with my Anti-Akuma Weapon, its like Allen's Sword of Extorcism, except i can choose while Allen's can only hit Akuma, Noah and the Earl, mine can CHOOSE wad to hit, including Human and other stuff.

Name: Innocence Bandage Manipulation
Description: I can shape my Bandage like Innocence into anything i want, enable me to hav an arsenal of "Weapons" which i can use, anyhow i wan, and the Innocence Bandage has no limited range as it can "multiply" x1000 per second if needed

Name: Innocence Choice
Description: I can activate whatever part of my Innocence i want, i don't hav to activate the whole thng, i can choose to only activate the hand or the bandage Innocence or the boosters, etc etc

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Oowasareta Kami No Migi Te 覆われた神の右手 Techniques
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