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 Mephisto's Techs

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PostSubject: Mephisto's Techs   Fri Aug 14, 2009 12:47 am

Noah Of Pleasure
Being the Noah of pleasure Mephisto has the ability of Choose which enables him to "choose" whatever he wishses to touch making him intangible to many solid objects and treating liquids or air as solid objects

Techniques in Noah Form
Vaccum: Mephisto rejects the air around him creating a perfect and complete vaccum crushing and suffocating his enemy(s). Depending on his will, the vaccum can be focused on a target or creating perfect vaccum all around him.

Tease: Mephisto is able to produce Tease from his bodies as a gift from the earl. There are 2 types, the standard one which look like purple and black butterflies whicj Tyki uses for most tasks. And the 2nd type are butterflies with a skull in the middle with 2 wing with a striped vertical pattern. These are able to shoot bullets similar to Akuma.

Transformed State

When gravely injured by innocence Mephisto can transform into a monstrous being of pure dark matter. This form gives Mephisto enhanced power, speed, and all around abilities.
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Mephisto's Techs
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