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ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL EXTORCISTS: Two General Spots will be opened starting 28th August 2009, at 1445 at the timezone GMT+8, the first 2 Extorcist to gain 20k or more points are to PM me immediately to fill one of the spots, even if u gt 20k first, bt didnt PM me, those spot will nt be booked for u, the one to gain 20k points first and PM me first, will get the spots.

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 hanabishi kanda

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hanabishi kanda

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PostSubject: hanabishi kanda   Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:46 pm

history: nothing really dramatic, just at a young age, kanda hs been taken into the order by a general at a very young age with having no parents, no one cared if he left or not, but now, he doesn't remember who brought him, but he doesn't regret leaving his home town of kyoto
innocence: http://dgmforum.forumsmotion.com/innocence-list-f6/gods-bombs-t20.htm
character: http://dgmforum.forumsmotion.com/create-your-character-f32/hanabishi-kanda-t18.htm#23
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hanabishi kanda
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