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 Dais + Maria's Techs

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Dais Sky

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PostSubject: Dais + Maria's Techs   Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:56 pm

Being the Noah of Bond's I or we specialize in Materilization:

Blue Bullet: Freezes anything it hits.

Red Bullet: Combines to form a large fireball, which they name "Blazing Red Planet". Can be used at least twice in rapid succession.

Black Bullet: Creates a sort of Mini Blackhole, which sucks things in, then crushes them (Maybe it will kill, maybe it won't its up to us ^^)

Yellow Bullet: Creates a giant bright flash of light, mean't to temporarly blind opponnent

White Bullet: Creates a concussive blast capable of extinguishing a massive fireball instantly.

Green Bullet: Traps anything in a green slimy prison.

Purple Bullet: Covers the eyes of their enemies in a purple goo that is impossible to remove, called the "Deceiving Spectacles" after which, the twins can make their enemies see anything that they want. They have used this ability to make
themselves invisible, conceal their attacks and make duplicates of the key Tyki Mikk gave to Allen.
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Dais Sky

Posts : 26
Level of Power : 28080
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PostSubject: Re: Dais + Maria's Techs   Fri Aug 07, 2009 10:31 pm

This occurs when Dais Sky and Maria Sol shoot each other becoming...


Daiasol is male, and has no need of using guns to create things, just his hands.
He also getts the addition, of uber increased speed and strength.
The first of these powers is his hair, which can extend, pierce through humans, and act of it's own accord if cut
Mais also displays the ability to harden his body to augment his defense, named the "strongest body imaginable".
In addition, he is able to create and manipulate pentacle-shaped screens that he can use as shields or to trap and crush his enemies.
With the same power of "Materialization", Daiasol can create almost anything, although it takes a little time

The Actual Techs:

Iron Maiden= Creates an rion madien to trap and kill enemy in

Razor Guilotines= Creates 2 spinning bomerang type blades, and throws them at enemy, whilst the block or dodge it, a guilotins is created above them and drops down to kill them

Pump Action Death= Creates a giant bazzoka and fires it, combining Black, White, Red, Blue Bullets. This causes the area infront to become compelety frozen over, (so unless u jump then ur feet are gunna get stuck) A fire ball and a concussive blast fused to make a blue and white fireball, that destroys whatever is infront, also it has the mini black hole inside which draws the enemy to the fireball

Happy Death Friends= I create multiple look a likes of the enemy's friends (without the enemy knowing). which then fight them, whilst saying horrible things, to put the enemy off.

Roullete Stars= I create hundreds of the purple akuma stars, then have them surroned the enemy (makes like an arena) non can leave or enter unless i lose or i beat the enemy

Volleyball of Torture= I create a small black ball with spikes, which i throw at the enemy, if it is attacked or split, then it form into 2 more, this can go on till there are 50 balls.( usually used when in Roullete Stars since less room to dodge)

Materia Ball = Daiasol's ultimate move, he creates a sphere of akuma stars, (he is at center) he then procceds to create hundreds of different guns from each star, all that use one of the White, Black, Red, Blue bullets. Then he fires all of them simutaniously creating an expolsion of astronomical size, a move, where only General could block, however, they would be seriously damaged
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PostSubject: Re: Dais + Maria's Techs   Fri Aug 07, 2009 11:05 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Dais + Maria's Techs   

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Dais + Maria's Techs
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