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ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL EXTORCISTS: Two General Spots will be opened starting 28th August 2009, at 1445 at the timezone GMT+8, the first 2 Extorcist to gain 20k or more points are to PM me immediately to fill one of the spots, even if u gt 20k first, bt didnt PM me, those spot will nt be booked for u, the one to gain 20k points first and PM me first, will get the spots.

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 Sasaki's techs

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PostSubject: Sasaki's techs   Fri Aug 07, 2009 11:46 pm

Innocence Name:North Star

Form 1:
-Star's light:Blasts a light ray at an Akuma that blows it to bits(Lvl 1 Akuma)
-Star wave:Blasts a wave that destroys all lvl 1 Akuma and does varying damages levels of Akuma

Form 2:
-Star's Awakening:The blade can use a ray of light to extend and destroy Akuma level 1,2 and damage level 3 badly
-North Light level 1:Every Akuma within 5 metres of me glow and explode leaving level 2 Akuma injured,level 3 and above barely affected

Form 3:
-North Cannon:The blade tip opens slightly being able to blast a large cannon shot that destroys Akuma up to level 2 and weakens Akuma level 3 till it can barely move
-North Light level 2:Every Akuma within 10 metres of me glow and explode leaving level 3 injured and level 4 unaffected

Special Form:
-Star's destroyer:A beam comes from the sky and blows any Akuma to bits but cannot be used often
-North Light level 3:Every Akuma within 15 metres of me glow and explode leaving nothing
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PostSubject: Re: Sasaki's techs   Fri Aug 07, 2009 11:50 pm

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Sasaki's techs
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