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 kandas techniques

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hanabishi kanda

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PostSubject: kandas techniques   Mon Aug 10, 2009 6:45 am

regular fire explosions :Form 1
fuse the bombs togather so i can make a different explosion or a different type of expllosive:Form 2
able to shoot off shrapnel:Form 3
it is an add on to the other abilties, except they act like allens sword kinda, the only harm it can do is only to akuma, if it is shrapnel, then the shrapnel pieces just phase through anything but akumas and noahs, like shown in the manga, it can inflict damage to innocence if cought in the explosion/s. if the shrapnel goes through any thing living, it will leave a cros mark
:Special Form

form 1: just a rebular explosion
form 2: fusing the bombs, or other typs of bombs if they exist
form 3: usage of shrapnel

1) i fuse other energy bomgs togather to make the explosion more deadly, not used very ofton in risk of getting caught up in the explosion
2) i fuse form 1 with 3, that way, the shrapnel will be coated with some fire
3) i use the mine setting and fuse it with form 3, that way if the mine sets off, it shoots shrapnel vertically up,
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kandas techniques
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