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ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL EXTORCISTS: Two General Spots will be opened starting 28th August 2009, at 1445 at the timezone GMT+8, the first 2 Extorcist to gain 20k or more points are to PM me immediately to fill one of the spots, even if u gt 20k first, bt didnt PM me, those spot will nt be booked for u, the one to gain 20k points first and PM me first, will get the spots.

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 Kage Hakumei

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PostSubject: Kage Hakumei   Tue Aug 11, 2009 5:28 am

Name:Kage Hakumei
Synchorate:To be updated
Status: To be updated

Physical Stature:Everchanging

Eye Color:Emerald Green
Hair Color:Everchanging
Hair Style:Everchanging
Skin Color:Everchanging
Accessories:Wolf Earring on left ear
Clothing:Whit long sleeve shirt
Innocence Name:To be updated

Techniques:To be updated

History:To be udated
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Kage Hakumei
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